Support Services


About Support Services

Our support services are here to serve you by providing critical support whether you manage a large division of a Fortune 1000 company, you are the IT manager of a medium sized business or the owner of a small business. Our security consultants provide the services and solutions you need, when you need them.

Flexibility in structuring our support services allows clients to take advantage our knowledge and solutions on a daily basis or occasionally, as needs arise. For smaller companies which do not have their own specialized IT employees ZenithSecure can become a low cost version of your own IT division or department.

ZenithSecure expertise encompasses the technology requirements of enterprise businesses: analysis and planning, consulting, software architecture, implementation, UI design, quality assurance, management, maintenance, security reviews, auditing, all based on the latest cutting edge technologies.

Products and projects from our portfolio affirm our innovative technical capabilities. We make it our goal to stay ahead of ever-evolving software innovations by attending seminars and specialization courses on the hottest new technologies and development techniques.

Our comprehensive server management services will keep you servers up and running all year long so that you can concentrate on your clients and business goals. We will provide your company with security against malicious users, malware and spyware all trying to get access to your servers. Our experts support dedicated, cloud or virtual servers as well as any operating system required. They are capable of fixing, monitoring and controlling your servers to provide more reliability and uptime.

ZenithSecure has a team of experts that know how to listen, diagnose and design solutions for client requirements, fast! These zealous professionals are passionate techies who love a complex technical challenge. They explain technology in simple terms that make it easy for clients to fully understand and recommend processes and services for business needs which enables technology to perform as designed, with as little interruption as possible.

We provide client solutions on time and on budget. We take the time to understand your requirements; inside of the context of your business. With vast experience and expertise in software engineering, our team can turn any idea into a successful product or service.

We look forward to discussing your support services requirements and then fulfilling your needs.