Security Integration


About Security Integration

Certified security consultants will analyze each client’s business structure and requirements as well as their websites and social media presences, internal and external systems and controls.

They will analyze your internal information flow between: colleagues, departments, divisions and related companies. They will analyze your external information flow between the firm and their: clients, partners, vendors, dealers as well as individual customers.

Physical safeguards will be reviewed to determine if they are adequate. Redundancy needs to be built into the systems of all companies. Backup plans are essential for potential threats or occurrences which can originate internally or externally.

Our security consultants document all of the information and situations they have analyzed. These facts are used to create a security integration plan for building, strengthening, revising and improving the overall security of each client.

This security integration plan will include recommended solutions. Certainly some of these recommendations will have cost implications and others will not, each plan is uniquely individualized for each client.

Security solutions will come from ZenithSecure as well as those from other sources. We will recommend whatever is best for the circumstances and budget of each client.

Regardless of the industry you operate in your security solutions need to be integrated throughout your company, employees, IT and business systems and procedures.

Security Integration Services provide a holistic view of client security in order to save time and money. This perspective encompasses much more than just being sure that they are protected against viruses and other external threats. It goes beyond guaranteeing that they have secured internal access and have adequate password controls.

Our expertise does not limit itself to software security, extending to operational security and encompassing issues such as: Social Engineering, Dumpster Diving, Vishing, Piggybacking, Tailgating and employee malicious attacks.