Security Forensics


About Security Forensics

A security breach has been found in your system.

The first step is to immediately turn off and unplug the machine which has been compromised. Then you must disconnect it from any and all network connections; internal or external.

Now forensic expertise is required to investigate this breach and discover exactly: what has happened, how and why it occurred, who or what is responsible as well as the extent of the damage caused.

ZenithSecure has security experts who will analyze your security breach bit by bit. They will recover sectors marked as deleted and will reconstruct exactly what happened within the system. They will determine if the breach was caused by an internal or external factor.

While performing these procedures they will be conscience of what could have been done to prevent this security breach.

The result of their in-depth analysis will be documented in a comprehensive forensic incident report. They will discuss this report in detail with all appropriate client personnel.

These security forensic procedures can be performed on embedded, remote, mobile or any device that will provide insight to this investigation.