Penetration Testing


About Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing Services enable clients to reduce business risk and potential financial losses by discovering vulnerabilities in their systems, before attackers can take advantage of them.

Our penetration testing mimics a malicious attacker and determines the possibility of executing a real-world attack on your assets (including infrastructure, applications, and people). Our goal is to identify the level of risk that exists at a single moment in time.

Attackers are continuously developing advanced technologies for access penetration and server control. They are sponsored by governments, terrorists, competing companies and individuals with various interests. Their scope of targets is worldwide, they have large budgets and the result of their malicious activities can have detrimental effects on your company.

Here is an example of what can occur; an attacker will penetrate your system and install on one of your compromised servers a “rootkit” with the following features:

  • completely undetectable by any “rootkit” hunters, antivirus systems or other scanners
  • it does not need any new ports to be opened in the compromised machine or in its hardware firewall. The “rootkit” has a traffic sniffer that will read the attacker's remote signature and will be able to take over an existing port and providing them telnet or similar access.
  • no user accounts will have to be created
  • new processes will not be listed in the machine. Any process that the attacker will run will not be visible to the administrator.
  • no file traces are visible to the administrator.
  • it will log all the keys pressed, take screenshots and transmit damaging or valuable information directly to the attacker.

How can you defend your company from these types of ever evolving and constantly changing threats?

What can you do to be certain that you are protecting your company, its information and even your clients?

The answer to these questions: Contact ZenithSecure for penetration testing.


Working with our team of security professionals and following their recommendations will ensure that you are doing everything possible to protect your company.

Our team will utilize automated and manual testing of your servers. They will be considered infected until these tests prove they are clean of any external technologies or software. To further protect our clients we run additional penetration tests on their internal network and mission-critical applications.

The end result is a comprehensive and accurate understanding of your current security standing as well as recommendations for mitigating all identified vulnerabilities.


The more frequently we perform penetration testing for your company the lower the probability of an attacker finding and exploiting vulnerabilities.

An in-depth consultation with each client by our security experts will reveal the frequency necessary for their individual risk tolerance and unique business environment.

Depending on the sensitivity of your company information and your security requirements, we can perform this valuable security procedure daily. If you do not need daily assurance we will work with you to provide the level of penetration testing your company requires. This service can be performed weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.


Employing our Penetration Testing Services in conjunction with deployment of the ZenithVault Enterprise solution will decrease the probability of unauthorized access and data disclosure to virtually zero.

ZenithVault Enterprise solution is designed so that your databases will not disclose the entire amount of confidential information if they ever suffer unauthorized access or are breached by attackers. This gives clients more time to discover breaches or system penetrations and thus limit their losses of valuable information.

ZenithVault SaaS solution is another option for clients. These servers already benefit from exhaustive penetration testing by our team.