ZenithVault Version Comparison

Look at the chart below and see that it is PCI compliant while providing protection from brute force and 0 day attacks. It also protects you from many other threats your company faces. This excellent product provides a high level of security for your company, now!

However, if your company requires more features for their protection and their security system then they will need to deploy ZenithVault Enterprise or ZenithVault SaaS. These premium product versions are designed with full scalability (unlimited amounts of data can be protected) and availability (if a storage node is compromised, no problem for clients).

They are designed using the excellent feature of data tokenization which allows secure recurring billing capability; making these transactions safer and easier for you and your customers.

Both premium versions can store large data objects (over 10 MB) and they include; fail-safe redundant nodes and safe auto recovery for affected nodes as well as payment gateway integration, penetration alarm and self containment.

If you know which version is the proper solution for your security requirements; contact us today and guarantee immediate protection for your company.

If you are not certain whether Enterprise or SaaS is the better solution for your company, contact us for a discussion regarding your; security policies, budgets and system capabilities. We will assist you to choose the solution that is the best fit for your company. Immediately we will deploy the proper highest level security solution and begin protecting your information!

This chart provides a side by side comparison of the three versions of ZenithVault. Choose one now and immediately make your company and your valuable information, ZenithSecure!

ZenithVault Enterprise ZenithVault SaaS
PCI Compliant
Full History Logging
Java, C#, Python, PHP and Ruby compatible
Additional languages upon request
0 day attacks safe
Brute force attacks safe
Geographical storage instance scattering
Can Store Binary Data
Trusted Platform Module Compatible
Can Store Large Data Objects
Recurring Billing Compatibility
Security token based access to secured data
One way data flow
Fail-Safe Redundant Nodes
Safe auto-recovery for affected nodes
MITM Safe Node Communication
Penetration alarm and self containment
Custom built read-only Management OSes
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ZenithVault Enterprise ZenithVault SaaS