ZenithVault SaaS


About ZenithVault SaaS

Financial consequences and business liabilities are drastically reduced for clients when they transfer the responsibility to ZenithSecure to protect their valuable information from attacks and security breaches.

Simply put; data thieves and unauthorized users cannot access information which our clients do not store onsite. Thus the opportunity for a security breach is removed.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) compatibility: this provides both platform integrity and disk encryption and can be integrated into the hardware nodes responsible for the storage of the divided and separated data. TPM is included with ZenithVault SaaS and our engineers are able to integrate it with the Freeware and Enterprise versions, upon request.

Our managed Software-as-a-Service security solution is based on the ZenithVault Enterprise version and it provides our clients the flexibility, reliability, availability and security required to safely store confidential data of critical importance. We remove the hardware risks from your security equation.