ZenithVault Freeware


About ZenithVault Freeware

The purpose of this first of its kind security product is to provide clients with secure data storage using both hardware and software methods to achieve a maximum security data storage model.

ZenithVault is an auxiliary storage platform meant for extremely sensitive data; not simply a replacement of a conventional SQL database.

It is free because we want to change the world of data storage! This revolutionary security product is PCI compliant while providing protection from both 0 day attacks and brute force attacks, as well as other threats. Such a high protection level is achieved because client's vital information is divided among multiple servers which run different operating systems. If an attacker controls one of these servers the data they have access to will be useless because it is only a partial amount of information.

Each and every secret will have a unique identifier and a password associated to it. The password is also subject to dividing so that if the attacker manages to control one of the storage servers, he will not be able to use the password to request the other parts of the secret from the other nodes. The password is unique for every secret, it's only known by the secret owner and it's used as the key when encrypting the secret itself. Storage nodes will not return the data back to the unsafe application unless the correct password is provided.

Attackers would have to breach at least 3 geographically distant servers, running different operating systems, with different application environments to be able to "see" the entire secret. Because even if your main application is compromised, the unauthorized user or attacker will only reach the data being run at that time, they will not have access to your entire database.

For this Freeware version Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are used to encrypt the data sent between the storage nodes. However, when you acquire the upgraded versions of ZenithVault Enterprise or ZenithVault SaaS, remote server’s communication is secured using elliptical curve Diffie-Hellman encryption that is not man-in-the-middle vulnerable.

This excellent product provides a high level of security for your company. Currently available in, Java, C#, Python, PHP and Ruby; it can be integrated into any programming language within 5 minutes. Please contact us for other languages as we can provide the libraries upon request.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) compatibility: this provides both platform integrity and disk encryption and can be integrated into the hardware nodes responsible for the storage of the divided and separated data. TPM is included with ZenithVault SaaS and our engineers are able to integrate it with the Freeware and Enterprise versions, upon request.

If you have a tight security budget or no budget at all; download ZenithVault Freeware. Get protected today and feel more secure with our revolutionary security system.