ZenithVault Enterprise Requirements


Minimum Requirements

  • 5 physically dedicated servers
  • Each server should run a different OS, with at least two Windows servers
  • JVM installed on at least two of the servers
  • .NET Framework installed on the Windows servers
  • Updated and security patched operating systems with minimal add-ons and packages installed.

Recommended Requirements

  • Elliptical curve Diffie-Hellman encryption between the main application and the master service and certificates between each storage node and the master service.
  • Hardware firewall for each server is physically placed between the server and the network.
  • Each server should be placed in a different PCI-compliant data center.
  • RAID 1 controller; preferably RAID 6 with a hot spare for higher reliability and redundancy.
  • A maintenance workstation that will be able to connect to the storage nodes and perform updates and checks. This workstation should remain shut down when not being used as it's the only one allowed to access the nodes through the firewall.