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Unique Architecture

To avoid 0 day attacks our applications will run in multiple programming languages and it is required that the nodes storing client data must run different operating systems.

Business Protection

The larger or better known your business becomes, the more attractive you are to attackers. ZenithVault protects your business by locking away your sensitive information and guarding your valuable reputation and your brand. A business will lose its credibility as well as client and partner confidence if it is the victim of a security breach.

Protect your business proactively; install your defenses before being attacked.

Peace of Mind

The complexity of the Zenith Database is very limited and basic; for a reason. This architecture reduces the probability of an attacker finding and exploiting vulnerabilities. The result is that there is virtually zero chance of client data being compromised.

Client data is safe and the ZenithVault system provides them with advanced warning of any attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in their systems

Simple Implementation

ZenithVault comes with libraries and functions ready to be implemented in several programming languages: Java, C#, Python, PHP and Ruby. The whole application provides a simple set of CRUD commands and the integration with your existing application will take only a few minutes.

ZenithVault is an auxiliary storage platform meant for extremely sensitive data; not simply a replacement of a conventional SQL database.

Custom Integration

The range of applications for ZenithVault is limitless. Our team of security experts and software developers is ready to custom code, integrate, change, modify or adapt this security product to entirely meet or exceed client requirements.

Managed Service

The ZenithVault SaaS Solution completely removes the aggravation of maintaining server and security policies and procedures. Our experts control the entire security process when assume management responsibility.

Clients will receive the remote connection library which will run transactions with the database remotely. They do not have to worry about or manage anything!

PCI Compliant

ZenithVault is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and a whole lot more. PCI rules are extremely basic and only an absolute minimum in terms of security.

ZenithVault provides clients with a greater level of protection than simply following these very basic PCI rules.

Minimize Damage

In the event that the main application or parts of a client system are subjected to unauthorized access, ZenithVault assures that sensitive data will not be exposed. Depending on system configuration, the unauthorized user can see only what is being transacted while they have access to a machine; they will not have full access to the entire database.

ZenithVault provides clients time to respond to any situation while keeping sensitive data secure.

Geographical Distribution

The secret storage nodes of clients can be hosted in various countries and even different continents. This distribution protects their data from physical access as well as weather and infrastructure damage or interruption issues.

Payment Gateway Flexibility

ZenithVault Enterprise and SaaS Solutions are designed to store client credit and debit card details for when they need to run recurring payments and when they decide to switch to a different payment gateway.

With our security solutions clients have their information stored separately from payment gateways, maintaining control over their information and flexibility.