Internal Vulnerabilities

Human error is a fact of life. Systems are design incorrectly; bugs exist. Procedures are old or they are not being followed properly. Social engineering and other attacks are successful. These and other issues allow unauthorized users and malicious attackers into areas of your business where you do not want them.

ZenithVault provides security against these vulnerabilities, and others, by dividing and storing separately parts of your business secrets. They are all protected by unique passwords and stored in various nodes.

Internal Threats

Employees cannot always be controlled and they could sell proprietary information to third parties or intentionally cause harm. Companies never guarantee that they will not accidentally open an infected e-mail, use an infected USB stick or become victims through social engineering.

ZenithVault provides security against these and other threats using advanced encryption in the storage nodes. Each and every secret in your company will be protected with a unique password, known only to the owner of each secret entry.

Business Risks

Payment gateways are not always stable, they can go bankrupt or they could close their business due to illegal activity or Visa regulations. No one can afford to lose business when a payment gateway is no longer operable.

ZenithVault gives clients the ability to store and send their secret data straight to all payment gateways, without having to pass the data through unsafe systems. Clients retain control of all their information and are able to switch providers at any time; easily and without financial losses.

External Attacks

Today, more than ever, your company applications and information are vulnerable to attackers, scammers and crackers from around the world. Financially, politically and socially motivated, they are sophisticated, ruthless and well organized. They may already have your firm on their target list.

ZenithVault has been specifically designed to make it impossible for unauthorized users to compromise your security and destroy your reputation. This is made possible by our intense focus on protecting you and your information from constantly evolving threats.

Industrial Espionage

Your sensitive information is extremely valuable to others and thieves will try anything to steal it from you.

ZenithVault enables clients to protect all of their confidential documents in any format and size: contracts, agreements, projects, formulas, blueprints, sketches.


The threat of terrorism is a black cloud over the world. It is impossible to know when and where it will strike next. With the priority of creating damage and chaos no one is immune. All you can do is to be prepared for any scenario that could affect your business.

ZenithVault Enterprise and SaaS guarantee that you are prepared and that your data is secure, no matter what occurs in your city or country by utilizing advanced redundancy and backup techniques, thus still keeping the same security level.


An outside person, organization or virus can attempt to intentionally harm your company, trying to disrupt your business temporarily or even worse. It could even be an insider trying to affect the functionality of internal processes.

ZenithVault offers clients the advantage of time to investigate and secure the problematic components, without compromising critical data. Custom design rules will immediately warn the system administrator regarding possible sabotage and in certain conditions, the cluster will lock itself down.