Deliverance of the Promised Security Jul 17,2013

In February 2013, the servers of a popular social networking website “Twitter” got hacked. Twitter is a micro blogging website and has some of the most famous people in the world registered on it. It has a database of over 200 million users. Over 250,000 of these accounts were compromised in the security breach.

In the attack, the hackers gained information regarding users' identification names and email addresses. The website allows its users to log in just once, and keep the session going. However, after the attack, all the sessions were closed and passwords of the compromised accounts were reset. Following the incident, users were asked to reset their passwords and login again. The event became a serious concern, and Homeland Security started their investigations into this matter. The hackers were identified to originate from China, which reflected poorly onto the foreign relations. The Chinese Prime Minister was brought into negative light as a consequence.

However, one cannot blame a country for such events. There are numerous hackers out there that have compromised several websites. These websites promise their users a safe and secure environment and it is their responsibility to ensure the same. Vulnerabilities provide the criminals with the opportunity to break in. It is important for organizations to be aware of the loopholes and the precautionary measures that need to be taken. The investigation by Homeland Security stated that the attackers might have used a Java platform due to its vulnerability and encouraged users to disable Java in their browsers unless it’s absolutely necessary. But not all users are technology literate, and some might not even know what this means.

To prevent such disasters from occurring, Zenith Secure provides the option of risk management to organizations. In the process, they help to identify the internal and external threats and vulnerabilities, assess the damage that could result in case of a potential security breach and then devise strategies to minimize the risk and the impact of a break in. The steps taken include a security audit, risk mitigation, risk training and maintenance. Zenith Secure has different plans depending on the nature of the business and its dependence on the Internet. With expertise in penetration testing, all the loop holes in a security system could be identified and dealt with. If Twitter had taken the proper precautionary measures, the disaster could have been avoided and the reputation of the Chinese would not have been played with.

Although every online business needs a descent security system, the ones with a number of registered users need to be flawless. Millions of people share their personal information on such websites and any security breach leads to the users mistrust in the organization and leaves them vulnerable to be blackmailed. To provide users with an absolutely safe and secure platform, Zenith Secure provides assistance to keep the promises.