Best Practices in Implementing ZenithSecure™ Database Security Products Aug 27,2013

Information has become the world’s most valuable currency. In fact, most of the organizational information exists electronically and typically stored in databases. Databases are now treated like banks that store valuable information within organizations. Since information is valuable, there have been countless of incidents where customer records, confidential information and intellectual property are breached and used maliciously. Moreover, government and industry regulations are set in place to require organizations to protect the integrity of all their stakeholders. 


Over the years, confidentiality has become a priority of most companies. As such, enterprises must have strong database security systems in place to protect sensitive information and comply with any government regulations. Database security is definitely a pre-emptive strategy to prevent enterprise data theft, intellectual property breaches and regulatory compliance infractions.


Companies must realize that not all database security systems are created equal. Hence, there are superior benefits in choosing ZenithSecure ™.


About the Company


ZenithSecure™ has launched the world’s most secure database which makes it practically impossible for hackers to gain access to storage systems and disable or steal confidential information such as: credit card numbers with other transaction details, client data, legal and financial documents, confidential patient and taxpayer records, new product designs, patent drawings and designs, etc.


The ZenithVault™ database automates data-splitting and distribution of vital, private information across multiple servers and geographies. This secret-sharing technique further includes advanced encryption methods to create the most secure database available today. ZenithVault is implemented within an existing application, in parallel with its database. The integration is easily accomplished using any programming language and can be deployed within a single day. It has no impact on any customer or user experience since it has no visibility at the application level.


About ZenithVault’s Key Capabilities


ZenithVault’s secret sharing feature is the architecture of this extremely secure database. It automates the splitting of data across a minimum of three or five servers (depending on product version) which can be geographically dispersed.


This data-splitting is performed at the bit-level, which is more secure than splitting it by words or phrases; then the data is distributed among the ZenithVault system’s servers. Thus, if any server is compromised the data on it has been rendered meaningless, due to the fact that the system has made it into random, garbled bits of encrypted data.


The next important feature is that each server runs different operating systems (OS). It is designed in this way to circumvent OS-specific hacking weaknesses and/or zero day attacks. With the data being stored on multiple servers, hackers would need to simultaneously breach all the servers because gaining access to just one or two servers provides them with only partial and therefore, meaningless data. The more servers deployed, the greater the degree of security.


Another security feature is that the ZenithVault servers only send out data bits associated with the appropriate user password. These passwords are also subject to data splitting and encryption.


ZenithVault is limitless in scalability. The more servers you add to the cluster, the higher storage capacity it achieves, without affecting performance.