Risk Training

About Risk Training

Based upon the results of your ZenithSecure Security Assessment and Security Audit, we will make recommendations regarding appropriate training which is necessary to improve security and reduce vulnerabilities in your company.

Our team will create a personalized training plan and budget to resolve the issues and weaknesses which need to be corrected as quickly as possible.

All employees need to be made aware of the potential and actual vulnerabilities and threats to your company. They must learn, or be reminded, that it is of vital importance for them to understand all of the risks involved by the many types of threats.

They are the company’s front line of defense and must know what can happen. They need to have the knowledge and skills regarding how they can reduce the probability of any vulnerabilities being exercised.

ZenithSecure training is designed to specifically teach your employees:

  • how to protect your information and the access to it,
  • how to spot threats and risks,
  • how to react when attacked,
  • how to react to mistakes or missed procedures,
  • how to avoid creating mistakes in the future.