About Us

Company Overview

ZenithSecure is the client protection division of Agilio Software, which has expertise in creating and delivering state of the art enterprise, mobile and web solutions.

Our IT knowledge encompasses the technology requirements of enterprise businesses: analysis and planning, consulting, software architecture, implementation, UI design, quality assurance, maintenance, security reviews, risk management and auditing; all based on the latest advancements and innovations.

This division is a leading provider of security consulting and services: penetration testing, risk assessment, security audits, security forensics; to name a few. Our objective is to provide the most secure business environment for our clients: protecting critical information, securing web applications and system access, maintaining compliance and reducing their overall risk.

Our security professionals specifically tailor every security service and solution for each client; whether a Fortune 1000 enterprise or small-to-medium size business. We bring a pragmatic perspective to our clients and focus on the best solutions for quickly and properly resolving the issues confronting them.

We perform security services in an extremely diligent manner. Our recommended solutions, procedures and methods are designed within the business context of each client; informed by our deep industry-specific experience in healthcare, banking, financial services, retail, energy, technology, casinos, and hospitality.

ZenithSecure delivers comprehensive and accurate security assessments. We focus exclusively on what our clients need to manage their security risks. We're zealous about keeping their information and systems safe. We manage their security, so that they can maintain their focus on their clients and their business goals.

We apply as much individual and collective effort to find potential vulnerabilities and threats as is humanly possible. We are zealous and passionate about what we do and are 100% committed to your security.

We are proud of the people that collaborate in our team and protect our clients. We hire only the "best and the brightest" security engineers, and then encourage them to be even better. We're equipped with best-in-breed tools (open-source, commercial and in-house) and a proven methodology for developing our staff.

We are located in Cluj-Napoca the business capital of Transylvania. This city is an up and coming technology center for all of Europe and beyond. Many of the world’s largest tech companies have opened offices here to take advantage of the excellent technical and language skills of the young workforce.