Is your business vulnerable? How much will it cost your company
if critical data is compromised or stolen?

Think twice before you answer.
Your company and its systems might be vulnerable in more ways than you imagine.

ZenithVault Database is a maximum security storage solution
for your critically important information.

Potential threats exist internally and externally; attackers want to steal, employees make mistakes.
Your assets can be the target of industrial espionage.

Are your applications and systems prepared for malicious attacks?

How can you be sure?

ZenithSecure provides the full array of consulting and services for small, medium and large organizations to ensure their business continuity. We will perform comprehensive and systematic analysis of your company processes, server infrastructure, code and software. You receive documentation of procedures for strengthening your systems through software development, integration, training and maintenance.

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Let's change the world of data security together!

We are zealous about fighting against hackers and other threats!

Prevent costly disasters and protect your valuable reputation with our proactive security measures.

Keep your focus on your clients and business goals.


Understanding the Power of ZenithVault

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Using the latest technologies and following established software development standards enables us to provide our clients with simple solutions to complex problems, on time!

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Regardless of the industry you operate in your security solutions need to be continuously integrated throughout your company, employees, IT and business systems and procedures.

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With the objective of helping clients to better manage their business and IT-related risks ZenithSecure provides risk management consultation and effective risk reduction strategies and systems.

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ZenithSecure is here to serve you by providing critical support whether you manage a large division of a Fortune 1000 company, you are the IT manager of a medium sized business or the owner of a small business.

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ZenithVault Database

A maximum security database which divides the sensitive information and then distributes it to be stored inside of multiple, geographically diverse, embedded machines. This makes it 0 day attack and brute force proof as well as physically secure. Every secret has a unique token and a user-set password associated to it so that not even the sysadmin can reach it.

The Enterprise version delivers high availability with partial data redundancy on remote servers, scalability using advanced secret sharing methods and a one way data flow to custom 3rd parties.

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This managed solution provides speed, reliability and accessibility. It guarantees your information and system security while removing hardware and personnel risks as well as costs from your security equation.

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